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Reeves and Mayors
In 2010, Heritage Mississauga undertook a research project to gather a list of all the reeves and mayors of Toronto Township, Town of Mississauga, and the City of Mississauga. The object was to have a list of all the names, to put together a biography for each person, and if possible, find any available photographs. At the end of the summer, we compiled biographies and profiles of most of the reeves and mayors, and photographed cemetery stones.
Toronto Township Reeves
1850; 1852-1856; 1860 Joseph Wright
1851 William Thompson
1857-1859, 1861 John Church Hyde
1862; 1864; 1866; 1892-1896 Sir Melville Parker
1863 George Blain
1865; 1867-1870 Samuel Price
1871 William Elliott
1872-1879 Robert Cotton
1880-1881 James Hamilton
1882-1883 Miles Washington Cook
1884 George Savage
1885; 1888-1890 Wesley Reid Wright
1886-1887 Joseph Featherstone
1891 James Jackson
1897-1898 Henry Shook
1899-1900 John McCauley
1901-1902 James W. Curry
1903-1904 Joseph Burton
1905 James Jameson Stewart
1906-1907 Thomas William Goldthorp(e)
1908-1909 Frank (Francis) Joseph Jackson
1910-1911 Thomas Laird Kennedy
1912-1913 Reuben Howson Lush
1914-1915 William Rutledge
1916-1919 David Henry McCaugherty
1920-1922 Edward A. Orr
1923-1925; May 26, 1931-1933 Leslie Howard Pallett
1926-1929 John J. Jamieson
1930-May26, 1931 James Herbert Pinchin
1934-1936 William George Thomas Denison
1937-1943 Edward Diamond Maguire
1944-1945 David J. Lammy
1946 J. W. Davis
1947-1950 Douglas Stewart Dunton
1951-1952 Robert Sidney Smith
1953-1954 Anthony Patrick Cawthra Adamson
1955; 1957-1959 Mary Fix
1956 Thomas Jackson
1960-1967 Robert William Speck
1968-1972 Charles Myron (Chic) Murray (under Mayor Speck)
1973 Louis H. Parsons (under Mayor Murray)
Town of Mississauga – Mayors
1967-1972 Robert William Speck
1973 Charles Myron (Chic) Murray
City of Mississauga – Mayors
1974-1976 Martin Lyon Dobkin
1976-1978 Ronald Alfred Searle
1978-Present Hazel McCallion
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