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Haunted Mississauga 2015

Haunted Mississauga 2015: "The Vote" - at Streetsville Memorial Cemetery

This year our story was set in October of 1831. The Home District election was set for January 2nd, 1832. William Lyon Mackenzie, the Reform leader, had been ousted from the Assembly, and there was much unrest leading into the January election. Three Streetsville locals ran in the by-election to challenge Mackenzie in January. They were Timothy Street as a Conservative, Henry Rutledge as the Orange Order candidate, and John Church Hyde as a Free Thinker and Reform candidate. All three men were well respected Streetsville citizens. So who won?

In short, while the election on January 2nd, 1832 was a real event and was contested between William Lyon Mackenzie and Timothy Street, our story is about the lead-up to that election, and how Timothy Street won the right to run against Mackenzie. We do not know the exact circumstances of the by-election, or who ran against Timothy Street, or what the outcome was other than Timothy Street was victorious in the by-election in October of 1831. Timothy Street was soundly defeated by Mackenzie in the January 1832 election (119-1). Mackenzie himself does not figure as a character in our story, but the times are ripe with contention. Streetsville was a polling (voting) centre for the Western Division of the Home District. The political issues outlined in our story come from the 1832 election.

Heritage Mississauga would like to thank our incredible "Spirit Team" for 2015 who brough this story to life: Heather Boden, Kimberly Boden, Phil Booker Jr., Phil Booker Sr., Courtney Brown, Councillor George Carlson, Greg Carraro, Richard Collins, Lindsay Doren, Jayme Gaspar, Annemarie Hagan, Sandra Hendrickson, Bryan Ho, Olga Kalynowish, Nicole Mair, Scott Mair, Arlene Manning, Becky Rusk, Eileen Walker, Jane Watt, Hope Wickett, Amy Wilkinson, Matthew Wilkinson, Paula Wubbenhorst and Joe Zammit. We would also like to thank our event partners: the Museums of Mississauga, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and Denise Mahoney at the City of Mississauga.

Haunted Mississauga Spectator 2015

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