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Haunted Mississauga 2011

Haunted Mississauga 2011: "Whispers of War" - at the Bradley Museum

Our 10th annual Haunted Mississauga, entitled "Whispers of War", saw us partnering with the Museums of Mississauga at the Bradley Museum complex. The evening featured guided tours around the museum property, character actors portraying true people and events from the past, and a bit of a mystery for guests to solve - discover the deserter!

Our story was set in October of 1811 – 200 years ago! The rumbling of impending war with the United States was in the air. Residents in historic Toronto Township (Mississauga) were faced with a decision that will test their resolve, courage and loyalty: some were sons and daughters of Loyalists; some were Americans by birth; some had questionable loyalties; and some had a proud military tradition and were chomping at the bit to carve their own glorious legacy. Others were of humbler origins and aspirations: farmers and craftsmen, who had never taken up arms. One was destined to become a traitor. All heard the warnings of Major General Isaac Brock and Captain Applegarth, and were called for muster and drill by Militia Captain Frederick Starr Jarvis. All were called to declare their loyalties, to serve and support the militia when war broke out.

Visitors to the event had the opportunity to meet “spirits” from the past, including Elizabeth Bradley, Frederick Starr Jarvis, Daniel Greeniaus, William Lewis, George Marlatt, Daniel Merigold, Elizabeth Merigold, Mary Monger, Joshua Pollard Sr., and others, as they spun a tale of the times leading up to the War of 1812.

Heritage Mississauga would like to thank our incredible "Spirit Team" for 2011: Greg Carraro, Yvonne Carraro, Richard Collins, Lindsay Doren, Elaine Eigl, John Eigl, Paul Eigl, Suzanna Elmazi, Mary Finley, Meaghan FitzGibbon, Evan Gaspar, Jayme Gaspar, Les Gaspar, Milan Gocmanac, Annemarie Hagan, Bryan Ho, Olga Kalynowysh, Rose Langley, Lynn Liu, Alex MacKay, Denise Mahoney, Nicole Mair, Arlene Manning, Kiki Redmond vanRees, Jenny Walker, Jane Watt, Matthew Wilkinson, Mavis Wilson, Paula Wubbenhorst, Joe Zammit, the Museums of Mississauga, and Theatre Unlimited.

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