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Haunted Mississauga 2009

Haunted Mississauga 2009: Streetsville Memorial Cemetery

Our 8th Annual Haunted Mississauga evening was set in the historic Streetsville Memorial / Pioneer Cemetery. Our story is set in the late fall of 1831, with the Home District election set early 1832. A by-election is being held in Streetsville, with three Streetsville locals are running to challenge in the 1832 elections: Timothy Street as a Conservative, Henry Rutledge for the Orange Order, and John Embleton representing Reform. All three are well respected Streetsville citizens. The question is who will win the election?! So who won? (Timothy Street won the actual 1831 by-election) The characters portrayed by actors were people from Streetsville’s past. The actors were all volunteers. The story is part of our history. Visitors to the cemetery had a chance to “meet” Timothy Street, Commodore Henry Rutledge, John Embleton, Mary Hyde, Isaac Askin, Jane Scott Askin, Jane Gale, Margaret Glendinning, Esther Leslie, Thomas Sibbald Sr., Rebecca Steen, Mary Crumbie, Jannet Douglass, Helen Beaty, and, of course, Henry Cole. Special thanks to our “spirit team”: Councillor George Carlson, Greg Carraro, Richard Collins, Elaine Eigl, Meaghan FitzGibbon, Rosyln Fortier, Brent Gaspar, Evan Gaspar, Jayme Gaspar, Les Gaspar, Vanessa Gouveia, Bryan Ho, Andrea Kennedy, Zofia Krivdova, Rose Langley, Sandra Lindsay, Arlene Manning, Denise Mahoney, Nicole Mair, Scott Mair, Deanna Natalizio, Sharon Nimmo, Glenn Pringle, Susan Pringle, Jane Watt, Amy Wilkinson, Matthew Wilkinson, Mavis Wilson, Heritage Mississauga, Theatre Unlimited, Museums of Mississauga, and the City of Mississauga. Costumes and event assistance provided by Theatre Unlimited:

© Mississauga Heritage 2009