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Haunted Mississauga 2008

Haunted Mississauga 2008: Benares Historic House & “The Spirits of Jalna”

In partnership with the Museums of Mississauga, Heritage Mississauga and the cast and crew of Haunted Mississauga presented “The Spirits of Jalna”, which brought to life the characters from Mazo de la Roche’s famous novels on the Whiteoaks of Jalna. Benares Historic House (which many believed inspired the books) became, at least in spirit, Jalna for the evening, the famed house of the fictional Whiteoak family. Our story was set in 1925, the day before Adeline “Gran” Whiteoak’s 100th birthday party. The house and family were abuzz with excitement … and worry! Eden had disappeared, and it is believed that Gran will announce who will inherit her fortune! Background stories included affairs within the family, and long-standing resentments, arguments and disagreements on who deserves the inheritance. Characters included “Gran” Adeline Whiteoak, Renny Whiteoak, “Meg” Meaghan Whiteoak, Wakefield Whiteoak, Finch Whiteoak, Eden Whiteoak, Alayne Archer, Piers Whiteoak, Pheasant Vaughn, Ernest Whiteoak, , Nicholas Whiteoak, Maurice Vaughn, and Servant Mrs. Wragge. Special thanks to our “Spirit Team”: Kurt Armstrong, Greg Carraro, Sandra Ceccomancini, Richard Collins, Renata Colwell, Brianne Crites, Brent Gaspar, Jayme Gaspar, Fran Goddu, Vanessa Gouveia, Annemarie Hagan, Bryan Ho, Sharifa Khan, Zofia Krivdova, Kelly Kubik, Sandra Lindsay, Arlene Manning, Denise Mahoney, Nicole Mair, Scott Mair, Amanda McCully, Stephanie Meeuwse, Christian Pariente, Paul Smith, Jane Watt, Amy Wilkinson, Matthew Wilkinson, Mavis Wilson, Heritage Mississauga, Museums of Mississauga, Theatre Unlimited, Allan’s Candy, and the 2nd Erin Mills Venturers. Also a special thank you to Nicole Mair, whose hard work helped to bring this event together.

© Mississauga Heritage 2009