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Haunted Mississauga 2007

Haunted Mississauga 2007: Springcreek Cemetery, Clarkson

2007 saw the cast and crew of Haunted Mississauga take to the grounds of the historic Springcreek Cemetery in Clarkson, where actors portrayed people from Clarkson past, including Elizabeth Bradley, Warren Clarkson, Henry Gable, Thomas Merigold, amongst many others, all the while being accosted by sheriff Frederick Starr Jarvis hunting for the guilty party who sheltered the rebel, William Lyon Mackenzie. Special thanks to Doreen, Kurt and Steven Armstrong; Greg Carraro; Richard Collins;  Meaghan FitzGibbon; Brent, Evan, Jayme and Les Gaspar; Eric and Marian Gibson; Bryan Ho; Amy Jaques;  Rose Langley; Andy Le; Arlene Manning; Denise Mahoney; Nicole and Scott Mair;  Museums of Mississauga; Paul Smith; Springcreek Cemetery; Richard Wallace; Matthew Wilkinson; Mavis Wilson; and the 2nd Erin Mills Venturers.

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